Solving Your Security Needs

The Company

The Blue Connection, LLC is a fully licensed, insured and surety bonded security agency, serving the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta. The firm began operation at the end of 2007, taking on residential community patrols for several Atlanta communities.

the blue connection llc

In 2011 we branched out to include 24-hour security to retail and commercial facilities.  By 2014 we became known for our work with multi-family residential communities. We are licensed by the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies (License #PSC002124) to work throughout Georgia, and we maintain an 'active' and 'in good standing' status with the State of Georgia, Secretary of State.

The Founder

The Blue Connection was founded by Chief Candice Scott, a former Atlanta Police Officer and Correctional Officer for the State of Georgia.  In her tenure as a law enforcement officer, Ms. Scott   worked undercover assignments and executive protection assignments and was decorated several times for excellence on the job.  She gained the respect of fellow officers and supervisors, but eventually the call of her entrepreneurial family led her to consider branching out on her own. First, she went back to college to complete her Bachelors of Art in Criminal Justice. While in school she continued her law enforcement career with assignments in loss prevention, executive security and security guard work. In 2007, she launched the fledgling company, largely by providing her own individual services, and began laying out the structure of the new company. In 2012, the growing company was formalized with certification by the Georgia Board of Private Detective & Security Agencies, and thus, The Blue Connection LLC, as we know it today, was created.  Today, the firm is most known for its custom approach to serving top line retail establishments, restaurants, building developers and residential communities, a segment which today, literally makes up 1/3 of our business.

The Administration

All operations are administered by General Manager, Carolyn Sartor, an experienced business/project manager and former entrepreneur.  Ms. Sartor has more than 25 years of experience in management, operations and business development. Formerly a Vice President of Marketing with Blackwell Consulting and a Senior Associate with Booz, Allen, Hamilton Ms. Sartor conducts the business and assures client satisfaction.

The Staff

The growing team of The Blue Connection currently consists of 10 full-time armed officers and senior officers, supplemented by a roster of 20+ off duty peace officers and highly trained unarmed officers, who work on call.  The company is set up with a reporting structure much like that of a small police force.  Each field officer is managed and monitored by a senior officer and held to a strict set of standards.

the blue connection llc

Each licensed officer is required to undergo security training by our state certified training officer and to be certified for his or her particular role each year.  Each officer is classified for duty as armed or unarmed and must be recertified annually by the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies.  A select group of officers are trained as martial artists and required to hold the level of black belt in their chosen discipline

Reach Us

If your business has a security need, either short or long-term...or if you are interested in joining our professional team, please contact us.  You may reach us by filling out and submitting this form or by calling us at 404-400-1900.  Your questions and/or comments are also welcome.  The Blue Connection looks forward to hearing from you.